Preschool  Mornings

  • Ages: 33 months through age 5
  • Classes: two, three or five mornings
  • Hours: 8:50AM - 11:30AM
Ask about extended day preschool. 
Preschool is the foundation of each child's educational career. New Morning School's program is designed to expand children's capabilities while nurturing a sense of responsibility and positive self-esteem. The hands-on format, inspired by the work of Jean Piaget and rooted in the latest brain research, supports the learning of appropriate readiness skills. Preschool students have fun while learning to make choices, enhance social skills, establish independence, and explore a variety of activities.
The preschool program meets all licensing requirement of the State of Michigan Department of Human Services.
Attention to a number of key ingredients is essential in creating a positive preschool experience for each child as explained below
The teacher observes each child to evaluate his/her intellectual, social, and emotional development. Children develop at different rates in social, emotional and cognitive areas. An individual evaluation highlights what is appropriate for each child.
Planning and Individualizing
Each child's day includes individual and group activities. Children are involved in teacher-directed as well as student-selected tasks. Planning skills are practiced each day. Children have the opportunity to learn from one another.

Preschool Daily Routine

One group of twelve children attends preschool each day. A teacher and two parent aides assist the group.
Creative Play Area
Activities centered in the creative play area foster both large muscle and social skills. Features of the creative play area include blocks, dress up clothes, a kitchen area, a fix-it table and a playhouse.
Fine motor skills such a cutting, pasting, gluing, and sorting are reinforced in our collage area.

Arts and Crafts
Children are encouraged to develop their artistic awareness and skills in a daily art project.  In addition, the easel is available for artistic expression.
Children follow graphic recipe cards to make individual snack portions in a child-sized kitchenette.

Discovery Table
Daily activities at the Discovery Table challenge students to solve problems, classify objects and develop an awareness of basic scientific and mathematical principles.
ABC and 123 Games
Children select ABC or 123 games. Playing these games encourages development of both verbal and mathematical skills.
Writing Center
A variety of materials are available at our writing center to help young children tap their ability to use lines, shapes, and eventually symbols and letters to share their understanding of the world.
Sand, Water or Playdough
Each day children flock to the area which features our sand table, water table or playdough, featured on a rotating basis.  These areas give children an opportunity to develop gross and fine motor skills, and introduce them to concepts like mass, volume, gravity, and quantity.
Large Muscle Skills
Children develop gross motor skills during movement activities in the gym. Outside skills are further developed as children enjoy the playhouse, sandbox and play equipment. The use of balls improves hand-eye coordination.

Children learn Spanish vocabulary from the preschool teacher through discussion, songs and finger-plays.  Our preschool teacher has a minor in Spanish.

Music activities are presented each day. Songs, finger-plays and movement reinforce language development.
Students enjoy physical education movement and instruction weekly in the gym, fostering gross motor skills and team building.

Teachers plan thematic units throughout the year ranging from community helpers to learning about the farm. Stories, songs, crafts and snack are integrated around the theme so that the child has a holistic immersion experience in the topics being studied.
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