Best Private Schools Plymouth MI

New Morning School is certified by the Michigan State Board of Education and is a member of the Association of Independent Michigan Schools. We are the only state-certified, nonprofit Best Private Schools Plymouth MI that enrolls students Pre-K through 8th grade.
Since 1973, we have been providing quality Best Private Schools education with a focus on small class sizes, individualized education, daily student planning and multi-age classrooms.
New Morning School's curriculum and philosophy are influenced by the work of Swiss psychologist and philosopher Jean Piaget. Piaget developed the fields of Best Private Schools developmental psychology and cognitive theory and spent countless hours observing children.

New Morning School's program is designed to expand children's capabilities while nurturing a sense of responsibility and positive self-esteem. The hands-on format, inspired by the work of Jean Piaget and rooted in the latest Best Private Schools Plymouth MI brain research, supports the learning of appropriate readiness skills. Preschool students have fun while learning to make choices, enhance social skills, establish independence, and explore a variety of activities.

New Morning has a core principle of daily student planning that extends from preschool through our middle school. In Early Primary, planning is based on daily open-ended, self-selected activities alongside a weekly question posed by each student. On Monday, children state their question and spend the remainder of the school week using real-life problem-solving, peer interaction, and creative and critical thinking skills to provide an answer for Friday's presentation. "Answers" are represented by the daily work in Best Private Schools Plymouth MI, art, science, math, and writing that children have undertaken.