Alumni were asked: As you look back, what do you remember about New Morning School? How do you think you function in the world compared to others in your age group? Share anything else that you'd like us to know.

I have a lot of great memories of New Morning School. There are many ways NMS had a positive effect on how I function as an adult. I think that in particular, having the ability to plan my own day/learning and being given the confidence from teachers/adults that I was capable of doing so myself were very important. I still love to plan! I also just have a general good memory of the family-like atmosphere of NMS, and how nice it was to feel like my parents were involved with my school and connected with teachers and other families from preschool to 8th grade.
I think having a more individual education, while still being a part of larger group with a mix of different ages, also allows students to learn more than just technical proficiency and skills, but also the valuable critical thinking skills and social awareness that provide maturity for the transition into adult life. At New Morning School, I always felt like I was getting the best possible education, because I felt like the teachers really cared about my personal growth. When I left to go into the huge public school system, I found that I was ready.
I remember NMS being a place where I could be myself and be challenged to work at whatever pace I was. I entered high school ahead of most of my peers since I was able to learn Spanish and Math faster than most of the public schools were teaching kids my same age. I really loved being able to learn how to manage my own time at NMS which I think was one of the most beneficial things that has helped me a lot in life. I know how to lead a group of people and prioritize what needs to get done when I am crammed with tons of work. I think that a lot of what I learned from NMS and growing up in that school has helped me become successful at U of M and in their competitive business school. I know I will be graduating with a good job in a rough economy.