Upcoming Events at New Morning School

Open House

Sunday, February 7, 2016

12:00 PM

Please join us for light refreshments, an information meeting, and a tour of the school.

Student Museum

Sunday, February 7, 2016

1:00 – 2:30 PM

Stroll through the school and view our student displays. Our preschoolers are learning about dinosaurs and have transformed their room to when the dinosaurs roamed the earth.  You will also see exhibits of our K-8 students displaying space, whale sharks, Roman mythology, George Lucas, Bulgaria, history of the Olympic games, Korean War, history of Starbucks, and more.

Please call 734-420-3331 to register or email to nms@newmorningschool.com

Mid Year Enrollments

Scholarship Fund

We are very appreciative to a generous benefactor who has increased our Scholarship Fund. Scholarships are available for K through Grade 8 for the 2015-16 school year.
Celebrating our 44th Year!

Listen to the testimonials of some of our students, staff, parents, alumni and friends.


Latest News: 
The Plymouth Observer, August 17, 2014
New Morning School and Bosch collaborate to create a World in Motion summer camp utilizing STEM concepts.
"The seed of the New Morning School was planted over 40 years ago when Elaine Kennedy attended the University of Michigan. Elaine was inspired by her professors and continues to be driven by her passion to provide exceptional educational opportunities to students." 

New Morning School is certified by the Michigan State Board of Education and is a member of the Association of Independent Michigan Schools.We are the only state-certified, nonprofit parent cooperative school in Michigan that enrolls students in toddler classes, preschool (full and half day) kindergarten, elementary and middle school.  We also offer classes for homeschool families. Since 1973, we have been providing quality education with a focus on small class sizes, individualized education, daily student planning and multi-age classrooms.

 "What really drove our decision to attend New Morning School was the environment created by the staff that is pervasive throughout all of the different programs. This is an environment driven by a philosophy that supports learning by stimulating creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills."
- Deb Guglielmo,
parent of three graduates who attended pre-k through 8th grade

New Morning School is small by design in order to remain true to the school's goal of educating one child at a time. The New Morning School curriculum is inspired by the work of Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget and informed by the latest brain research.




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It’s Hollywood Night 

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